Video Content at Scale: The Best Marketing Solution

Join the Video Marketing Revolution

Businesses are adopting video with astounding speed. In fact, 73% of marketers will invest more in video marketing in 2019. Why? Because 74% of all Internet traffic is driven by video. Also,

Brand awareness


Video marketing is better than TV

In order to effectively grow brand awareness with video marketing, businesses need a cross-channel brand video strategy. Audience Awards powered video contests makes it easy to optimize brand videos by audience and channel. Reach more customers with frequently-refreshed and authentic video content created by authentic global filmmakers.

Lead generation

Video content improves email click-through rates +300%.

Generate engagement and leads with authentic video content.

Getting a prospective customer to share information is a value exchange that requires genuine trust and relationship building. Video storytelling allows you to extend a personal invitation to prospects. Share powerful video content marketing to educate potential customers by showing instead of telling them with a series of business videos. Audience Award' video contest powers video marketing amplifying your social media reach,  and your ability to test and optimize content marketing videos at scale. Get more leads with video content.

Video Increases Sales

Close your sales with emotionally convincing and persuasive video storytelling. Authentic sales videos give you a chance to illustrates the value of the product or service you are selling with unmatched emotional punch and richness. Use customized sales videos to cater to your customers specific questions wherever they are in the sales funnel. Increase closing rates and convert more business with cross channel sales videos.

Contact Audience Awards to access high-quality videos at scale for your brand. Created by professional, influencer filmmakers.