The Top Three Sites to Advertise Your Video Contest

Video is king and one of the best ways to aggregate great video and grow your audience is to host a video contest.  

So you’re running a video contest on your own? Here are the top three sites to advertise your video contest.

Here are the top three marketing strategies to advertise your video contest.

1.  Audience Awards

Audience Awards offers turnkey video contest software and marketing. Touting a community of 200K users, 65,000 of whom are global filmmakers. 

Audience Awards now offers affordable marketing services to advertise video contests that occur off of their platform. These services include blog posts, social media posts and the most effective digital marketing - e-blasts to their film loving community. 

Want to advertise your video contest? Get in touch here.

Audience Awards certainly isn't the only game in town. Check out these other two great platforms.

2. Online Video Contests

OVC offers easy-to-find contest listings with affordable pricing. The team is always friendly and helpful. Filmmakers can sort through their platform for listings by age, prize, judging, and location. 

3. Film Freeway

FilmFreeway began as a competitor to Withoutabox. And they did well - Withoutabox just announced they're closing their doors. FilmFreeway is a place to list your film festival and they recently started accepting contest entries as well.

Their website states: FilmFreeway is the world's #1 way to discover and submit to film festivals and creative contests.

Here's the catch to FilmFreeway for video contests: while it is free to post your video contest, it is not made public or easily searchable unless there is a live screening. 

But, FilmFreeway does offer marketing services that can make your contest found by their filmmakers. Check those out here. We suggest using FilmFreeway IF you already have a large filmmaker community. 

Need a hosting site for your video contest that takes care of everything? Check out The Audience Awards.