Four Tips to Run Highly Effective Video Contests

2019 is the year of video. Why?


  • Users spend 88% more time on a website with video.

  • 64% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after watching a video about it.

  • Video content can increase organic search traffic by 157%.

  • Social video generates 1200% more shares than text and images combined.

Video contests are a great way to crowdsource the video content you need and build and grow an engaged audience. Marketers know the importance of authenticity and using emotion to connect with consumers, rather than contrived scenarios as younger demographics like millennials and Gen Z, who tend to demand greater authenticity and transparency in their marketing, become key target audiences.

Audience Awards has run hundreds of video contests, film challenges and online film festivals since its founding in 

Here are FOUR HOT TIPS to ensure a great video contest based on Audience Awards' video content marketing years of experience:

1. Create an exciting, and simple call to action

In 2019, audiences crave video stories that showcase heart. To crowdsource moving videos from our award winning 50,000 filmmakers, create a call to action that resonates with our creative community.  Make it exciting, to the point and easy to create. In fact, we find the best content submitted to our contests call for content that filmmakers have already created. Themes work best (if that suits your needs). Examples "Submit stories of hope" "Submit travel adventures" "Submit a small business story", etc. The simpler the idea, the more creative our global filmmakers will be and the results are amazing. 

When Southwest Air used Audience Awards to crowdsource traveler story videos, the winning video was called "Traveling Grace" 

This winning short video from Southwest Airlines "Every Seat Has a Story" video contest features the great-granddaughter of a slave meeting the granddaughter of the slave's owner.

Southwest's simple call to action: Every seat has a story. What's yours?

2.Award Great Prizes to Increase Entries & Engagement

Awesome prizes  ensure successful video contests. Consider prizes valued at $500 or more. You can give away product, trips, cash, and filmmakers favorite prizes: cameras and exclusive experiences. When GoDaddy gave away $21,500 for the top 10 small business video stories, they received 200 3-minute videos. When Samy's Camera gave away two cameras, they received over 200 entries featuring stories of hope. And when VideoBlocks gave away $500 for the best video ad featuring their product, they received 35 new commercials. Why settle for 1 video when you need 100?

3. Partner up with like-minded organizations to make video contests reach more people

It's always a winning strategy to partner with like-minded organizations. Many hands make light work. Putting your audiences together for your cause is a win-win. For example, when Audience Awards partnered with HATCH to host Dr Sylvia Earle's Ocean Film Challenge (a film challenge to promote Oceanic Health), we partnered with Dr. Earle's Mission Blue, WetPixel, DC Environmental Film FestivalIWFF, and Voli Voli Beach Resort, amongst others. As a result, the film challenge received 115 film submissions and made 10 Million social impressions. Audience Awards loves supporting causes, so be sure to reach out and we can do some creative brainstorming around changing the world through film! For just $99/month, companies can partner to host a video campaign to crowdsource high-quality video content and a run a robust marketing and email campaign.

4. Engage Our Global Audience and Watch Your Audience Grow.

Audience Awards excels at engaging and growing our brand partners' audience. Our special sauce of audience voting engages an extended audience outside of the incredible filmmakers who submit videos to contests and film challenges. When KODAK ran their Super 8 Film Challenge, they had 500% more Facebook engagement than ever before. They also received 525 film submissions and those filmmakers became great brand ambassadors for Kodak.

Want to see a video contest demo come to life with your great idea? Fill out our video contest brief and get started.